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Teenagers – Concerned about using cosmetics?

30 September 2008

More information about the Environmental Working Group report.

Concerned about talc?

30 September 2008

Read the facts confirming the safety of talc.

Hair colorant safety advice

25 September 2008

Hair colorant safety tips.

Worried about the new SIN list?

17 September 2008

Facts about the new REACH Regulation and “Substances of Very High Concern” (SVHC) Read more...

Oestrogen Anti-ageing Creams

16 September 2008

Oestrogen is not allowed in cosmetic products in the EU. Read more... Read more...

Unfounded Fears Over Perfume

01 September 2008

Facts about some of the issues raised by the media reports. Read more...

Media reports on claims about moisturisers and skin cancer

14 August 2008

Facts about some of the issues raised.

Daily Mail article: “Dying to be beautiful”

04 August 2008

Facts about some of the issues raised.

Mintel Sunscreens Report – New Look Labels, 2008

01 August 2008

A report published by Mintel today highlights the importance of sunscreens offering both UVB and UVA protection... Read more...

WHICH? Focus on SPF

27 May 2008

This month’s Which? magazine (June 2008) puts sunscreen SPFs under the spotlight. Read more...

'Black Henna' Temporary Tattoo Warning for Children & Festival-Goers This Summer

17 August 2015

See the press release from the British Skin Foundation (BSF) and CTPA Read more...

Dispatches, Channel 4: “The truth about beauty creams”

12 May 2008

Facts about some of the issues raised...

Confusion and misinformation are turning us into Chemophobics

15 April 2008

Confusion about chemicals could be driving consumers to make spending decisions Read more...

Does Your Make-up Bag Need a Summer Spruce-up?

26 August 2015

You may have read news reports today about the bugs that could be contaminating old make-up. Read more...

HRT creams are not cosmetic products

27 August 2015

You may have read an article in today’s Daily Mail suggesting “how creams containing oestrogen promise to treat menopause symptoms in your skin”. Read more...

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