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Hydrogen peroxide 

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Safe use in professional hair products


Handling and storage

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and other sources of heat
Keep away from naked flames
Always use non-metallic utensils
Do not allow contact with easily burnable materials, such as paper
Always store hydrogen peroxide in the container supplied
Replace cap immediately after use - it is important that nothing gets in to the container as this may lead to the hydrogen peroxide breaking down which could result in explosions
Store securely
Always wear suitable protective gloves
Avoid contact with eyes and face
Do not use on damaged or sensitive skin
Wash any residues down the drain with plenty of water
Do not burn

Stability and reactivity

Hydrogen peroxide may react with other chemicals to form dangerous, even explosive, materials. Therefore, avoid mixtures other than with recognised and recommended hair products It is possible for hydrogen peroxide to catch fire if it is allowed to dry out on materials such as paper, hair, wood and so on.

First aid measures

If hydrogen peroxide gets into the eyes or on the skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If the symptoms persist, or if it is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.
Always use water to dilute and mop up spillages.

The above information is taken from A Guide to the Health and Safety of Salon Hair Products, a booklet written by the CTPA in conjunction with the Hairdressing & Beauty Suppliers' Association (HBSA) and in consultation with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). The Guide, produced for hair salons, provides advice to help hair professionals use, store and handle their haircare products properly and safely. It is available from HBSA and Habia the government appointed standards setting body for hair and beauty salons.