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Facts about chemicals 

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Facts about chemistry and cosmetic ingredients


You might be interested in understanding more about what goes into the products we use every day on our bodies. This part of our website aims to answer some common questions about the chemistry of everyday products, with information from the cosmetics industry as well as contributions from experts from other industries.

Firstly, it is important to note that we can be confident that the ingredients in our personal care products are safe for use. Strict EU law is in place to control what can go into a cosmetic product. In fact, safety is the number one priority of the cosmetics industry, with manufacturers recognising their responsibilities and often going beyond their legal obligations when it comes to product safety.

Additionally, ingredients that go into cosmetics are chosen very carefully. When putting together a new product, a team of expert scientists work together to gather a detailed understanding of how ingredients work in a range of situations and that they are safe. The safety assessment legally required for each cosmetic product assesses the effect of the ingredient on skin, hair or teeth and mouth to ensure they are safe for everyone in every situation.

Cooking ingredientsIt’s like making a cake; you need to choose the right ingredients in the right quantities to make sure your cake has the desired texture or taste. It’s very difficult to substitute an ingredient without compromising  the look and feel of the end product and even the safety.


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