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CTPA Responds to Proposed European Restriction on Microplastics

30 January 2019

Read CTPA's response to the proposed European Restriction on microplastics. Read more...

CTPA Welcomes UK Ban on Plastic Microbeads

20 December 2017

CTPA has been working with the UK cosmetics industry to remove plastic microbeads since 2015 Read more...

CTPA responds to misleading claims on plastic microbeads in cosmetic products

05 October 2017

You may have seen media reports relating to the forthcoming UK ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetic products. CTPA fully supports the removal of plastic microbeads from cosmetic products and any suggestion otherwise is simply misleading. Read more...

CTPA's Director-General comments on UK Government’s proposal to ban plastic microbeads in cosmetics

21 July 2017

The UK Government has issued a response after reviewing replies to its public consultation. Read more...

Key elements of CTPA’s response to the UK Government Public Consultation on Plastic Microbeads

10 March 2017

CTPA has responded to the public consultation highlighting the following key points Read more...

CTPA responds to the UK Government public consultation on plastic microbeads

20 December 2016

A public consultation by the UK Government has been launched. Read more...

Government’s Response to EAC Report on Microplastics

14 November 2016

Response from CTPA

Proposal to ban microbeads – a CTPA response

03 September 2016

The UK Government is proposing to ban the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetic products Read more...

Plastic microbeads

20 July 2016

Read the Greenpeace report on plastic microbeads? Find out about cosmetic industry action. Read more...

Plastic microbeads

06 May 2016

CTPA is aware of the debate about tiny plastic material and if they can affect the environment. Read more...

No Link Between Sunscreen Use and Coral Damage

23 October 2015

Read CTPA’s views on US paper

Plastic Microbeads – use in cosmetic products

19 June 2014

You may have read reports in the media about the use of very small plastic beads Read more...

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