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Cosmetics products have no link to breast cancer

01 June 2017

CTPA would like to reassure the millions of people who safely use cosmetic and personal care products every day Read more...

No Link Between Sunscreen Use and Coral Damage

23 October 2015

Read CTPA’s views on US paper

Sunscreens and cosmetic ingredients do not reduce sperm quality

18 June 2015

You may have read articles today claiming cosmetic products, including sunscreens, and their ingredients, could be damaging male fertility. Read more...

Worried by the ‘scare stories’ on Triclosan?

12 August 2014

It is safe to use in cosmetic products.

Cosmetic products do not contain endocrine disruptors

13 May 2014

You may have read reports of a new study from Denmark claiming a link between some substances used in everyday products, including toothpastes and sunscreens, and the health of human sperm Read more...

Cosmetic products are safe and pose no harm to human health

08 May 2013

CTPA addresses Which? Magazine’s question…

Cosmetic products do not contain endocrine disruptors

05 April 2013

Read more...

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