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Find out how important preservatives are – take the Preservative Quiz!

28 November 2018

Product preservation is key to safe and long-lasting cosmetics. Read more...

Toothpaste containing Triclosan will not damage your health

20 May 2016

Find out why Triclosan is safe in cosmetic products Read more...

Worried by the ‘scare stories’ on Triclosan?

12 August 2014

It is safe to use in cosmetic products.

Triclosan – a safe and effective preservative

17 December 2013

You may have read stories that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking into how effective the preservative Triclosan is in antibacterial cleansing products. Read more...

Industry Acts on the Preservative MI

17 December 2013

The European cosmetics industry has agreed that this ingredient should no longer be used in leave-on skin care cosmetic products. Read more...

BBC Watchdog programme discusses the preservative MI

18 September 2013

CTPA responds

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